About Me

I started practicing yoga and meditation over 20 years ago. I loved the relief I would get after a class. I felt peaceful, energized, and fit. However, I also began practicing yoga and mindfulness at a time when I wanted to overcome deeper challenges in my life, including anxiety and self-doubt. As I deepened my practice, I learned to work hard to bring what I was learning from the practices in the classroom, into my life. I learned that by practicing asanas that draw on my strength, I set a foundation to take this strength into my life. When I work with flexibility, I learn something about my own stubbornness. And as I repeatedly commit myself to my practice, I consider the commitments I am making to myself and in my relationships. A myriad of other things show up – balance, perspective, and joy; I just need to pause and listen.

Perhaps you are also drawn to yoga for the possibilities it offers to overcome a difficult situation, strengthen your internal foundation, and move forward with greater equanimity and joy. In my classes, I hope to offer you tools not only to develop your own personal practice, but also to reflect on how you can take what you learn on your mat into your life. Through the journey of our practice together, you will have the opportunity to face the challenges that you face in your life with a new perspective.

I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness since 1999 with senior teachers in Cambridge, MA; India; San Francisco; and Vienna, Austria. I completed my first 200-hr yoga teacher training in 2006 in India and an 85-hr pre-natal yoga teacher training in San Francisco in 2013.  I completed a 1000-hr training in Iyengar Yoga (in German!) in 2018 and I am a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. I completed my certification as a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor in 2020.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to step forward on this journey together. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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